• June 29, 2020

Dear AATI community:

AATI continues to closely monitor the situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Public health and public safety are foremost during this uncertain and ever-changing coronavirus threat. We hope that you and your family are well and safe at home.

In accordance with state and local guidelines, AATI has successfully transition to the county’s Phase 1.

Continuing Education and Preparation Classes

All continuing education and preparation classes continue to be instructed via Zoom. Faculty and staff will continue to work semi-remotely through July 29, 2020, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Program Students

Program students were welcomed back to the campus for shop classes only June 8th. We will continue on a ‘hybrid basis’, which means, students must report to shop on the days the instructors are listed below and the other days not assigned for shop will continue via Zoom until July 29, 2020, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

We remind all students that the following guidelines must be adhered:

  1. 1. Students must entered the campus by the back/shop gate.
  2. Students must bring their own masks or shield and wear them at all times.
  3. 2. Students’ temperature will be checked and logged upon arrival.
  4. 3. Students must wear provided gloves are all times.
  5. 4. Shop make up hours must be approved by Winiver prior to arrival in order to maintain maximum capacity.
  6. 5. One person at a time in the bathrooms.
  7. 6. Students must bring their own snacks as there will not be food service. No outside vendors will be allowed.
  8. 7. Students must adhere to normal/previously set rules, policies and procedures for the shop.
  9. 8. Students shall not come to the office area without the consent of an administrative staff. Students must request permission thru Nathaly and Nathaly shall communicate between the office and the student during shop hours.

All classes are subject to a maximum capacity of 10 people in the shop area. There are two instructors assigned per day in the evening session as noted below. The administration has determined and confirmed that there will not be more than 10 people in the area including faculty and staff. Office staff is counted separately.

9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ATP620 - Tejuca ATP620 - Tejuca ATP620 - Tejuca ATP620 - Tejuca -------------

6:30pm – 10:30pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
ATP620 - Perez ATP620 - Perez ATP620 - Perez ATP620 - Perez -------------
Tejuca Tejuca Tejuca Tejuca -------------

The Florida Department of Education requires that AATI notifies you that if you are enrolling or are enrolled in a program that will require on-campus lab/shop sessions the online portion of the program that you are enrolled in will cease, likely during the time they are participating in their program due to the national emergency situation with Coronavirus CODIV-19. When the temporary approval ends of your academic program, the remainder of the program will revert to in-person teaching modality on campus.

Certification Exams
AATI has opened up more space for electronic certification exams. Now available every day. Please call for an appointment to take your AATI Certification Exam.

CARES ACT Grant (program students only) Please visit the COVID 19 tab on our website for more information https://aati.edu/?page=CARES-Act.

AATI will continue to update you as more information becomes available. You may communicate with someone LIVE via our website chat @ www.aati.eduor by calling at 305-362-5519. WE ARE AVAILABLE from 9:00am to 8:00pm. You can continue sending us emails at admissions@aati.edu or fax at 305-362-3134. The office is open daily for appointments only and specific matters. We are following social distance protocol.

For previous updates, please scroll down on our Facebook page @aatiedutech!

Have a safe, patient, and proactive 4th of July!

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